How To Prevent Hair Loss

How To Stop Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair LossHair loss is a condition that more than half of men and even women will go through during some time in their lives. While some hair loss is not preventable, some of it is. Before you reach for a natural hair loss product, like Provillus, you can learn how to prevent hair loss.

In our natural cycle of hair growth the average person loses up to 150 hairs per day. This is perfectly normal and you should not worry about it. Furthermore, we can lose large amounts of hair during certain times, like from illness, surgery, pregnancy, anxiety, stress, and other life-changing events. But these are all temporary.

If you are experiencing excessive hair loss then there are a number of preventative measures you can take:

1) Improved Health

Your scalp is directly affected by your body’s health. So the healthier you are, the easier it is for your follicles to replace lost hair. If you have slacked off on your health, then try improve your diet and get more exercise to increase your blood circulation.

2) Treat Your Hair With Care

When you use harsh shampoos and treatments on a regular basis, this can really damage your hair. And when this happens, your follicles cannot replace the hair quick enough.

Also, dry heat from hair dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners can cause your hair to break off more than normal. This applies specifically to women, whose hair is longer, and slightly older than mens’.

3) Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Over-reacting to stressful situations, losing sleep, and worrying constantly about your daily struggles can be a lot of strain on your body, leading to hair loss and other ailments. Believe me, this cycle is never ending. The more you worry, then more hair falls out, and then the more you worry about your hair falling out, and so on, and so on…

One way to deal with stress is to exercise, since this release feel-good chemicals (or endorphins) than helps lightne your mood. Another way is to meditate or join a yoga class.

4) Natural topical Treatments On Your Scalp:

Essential oils, like jajoba oil, and mixture of certain herbs have proved to be very effective to keeping your hair follicles healthy and productive.

5) Natural Hair Loss Products:

A number of natural hair loss products, like Provillus, have been developed by health care companies, both in a lotion and pill variety. These products usually contain the essential oils and herbs necessary for promoting hair re-growth. But they also contain an FDA approved product – Minoxidil which prevents your body from producing DHT (a hormone responsible for 95% of hair loss).

6) Start ASAP!

As soon as you notice your hair starting to fall out more than normal (and it is not linked to another health condition), you should start a hair loss treatment as soon as possible. The key is to experiment and see what works for you. You may only see results up to 6 months later, so patience is required.

7) Never Give Up:

This is why I was successful with regrowing my lost hair. I never gave up hope – even after trying herbal remedies and exercise for 6 months straight. I knew there had to be a solution, and it was found when I started trying out hair loss products like Provillus.

While some people only see noticeable results in certain products, the key is to keep trying and never give up. What’s nice about using a reputable company, like Provillus, is that it has a money back guarantee, where you can get a refund, even after 90 days!

Look, billions of dollars is being spent on medical research to cure hair loss for good. It is only a matter of time that a permanent, universally effective treatment is found. So hang in there.

8) The Last Resort:

If, after trying every hair loss treatment out there, and you still do not see the results you were looking for, then maybe you should start thinking about wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions or even implants.

While these hair loss solutions are a quick fix, they can run into the tens of thousands of dollars (full hair implants cost around $10,000). So it really depends on how much are willing to spend to improve your life.

Worrying and stressing over hair loss is really not worth your time and effort. Life is worth living, but if your hair loss is affecting your mood, your social life and your happiness, then it is best to learn how to prevent hair loss and find a hair loss treatment soon.

And remember, never give up hope J

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