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Before You Buy Provillus
  • Provillus Warning

    provillusWelcome to my Provillus warning. I say this because there are plenty of flashy sites out there with their Provillus reviews that make ridiculous claims over these hair loss products.

    Here I will provide you my honest review and experience with Provillus, without any false promises and hype.

    Provillus is a quality natural hair loss product; it is not some silver bullet, however. While it works for most men and women, it may not work for everyone all of the time. Nothing does. Anyone who tells you that anything works 100% of the time is not telling you the truth.

    Luckily, Provillus does have a money-back guarantee (up to 90 days) and it is sold by a reputable company, so I have no problem telling everyone about it. I just want to give you realistic expectations, since so many sites are making these crazy claims that are hard to back up.

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    My Provillus Review

    So why choose a natural hair loss product?

    Hair loss is an embarrassing condition for both men and women to have. Before I started educating myself about it, I always associated my hair loss with getting old way before I was meant to. And I am sure you feel the same way! Those bald patches start to stick out like a sore thumb! And you do everything in your power to cover them up – wearing hats, combing your hair over your bald spots (and then hoping it isn’t windy outside!)

    My search for a hair loss solution started with a visit to my GP. He explained to me there are number of reasons men and even women lose their hair. The main causes are hereditary and hormonal, but stress, illness or poor hair care can also lead to hair loss.

    I already had a healthy diet, and I wasn’t that stressed, so my hair loss was thanks to my grandparents and my hormones. My doctor further explained to me that I had 4 options to deal with my male-pattern balding:

    1. Keep my hair short and live with it – that was not an option for me!
    2. Get a wig – No thanks! In fact a tight wig can actually worsen the loss of hair.
    3. Have hair implant surgery – I was not prepared to cough up $10,000 for a risky treatment that MAY ONLY work.
    4. Use a natural hair loss treatment.

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    I decided to try natural hair loss remedies first. This included a daily routine of massaging jojoba oil into my scalp to stimulate hair growth, getting some exercise to improve my circulation, and washing my hair in various herbal concoctions of rosemary, sage, nettle and burdock root.

    After a full 6 months of doing this, I realized this herbal remedy routine was not working. My hair had not grown back at all. And all I had to show for it was a cupboard full of essential oils (that are not cheap, when you use them in such high quantities) and my disliking for any herbal smelling thing – especially rosemary which I used to love! Not to mention wasting about an hour of everyday to exercise and apply these various treatments!

    To cut a long story short, I finally came to my senses and decided to try a natural hair loss product. After hearing so much about it, Provillus was the product I decided to try first, and I have not looked back since.

    It turns out that the reason us guys lose our hair is because of an enzyme in our bodies that converts testosterone into DHT. This DHT (or dihydrotestosterone) has been shown to cause hair follicle damage in men and even cause our prostates to swell up!

    To counteract the production of DHT and promote hair regrowth, the Provillus topical solution contains 2 FDA approved ingredients – namely minoxidil and azelaic acid. In fact, I think Provillus is one of the only hair loss products out there that contains BOTH of these ingredients.

    If you are someone who prefers natural remedies over manufactured products, then Provillus is still a good choice. The capsules contain over 10 natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that have shown to help stimulate hair growth.

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    I have to admit that I was rather fortunate to see results within the 3rd month of using Provillus. While some people only see their hair grow back 6 months down the line. And some people never get their hair back at all. But like I said before, no treatment works 100% of the time – that’s just life.

    Luckily, Provillus is a reputable company that offers a money back guarantee (up to 3 months). So if it doesn’t work, you can get a refund.

    Whether you use Provillus or another natural hair loss product, you will be glad you did. I will never forget the feeling of noticing my hair get thicker and thicker as the weeks went by. Not to mention all the positive comments I was getting from friends, family and everyone at work.

    It really is amazing how a full head of hair makes you look younger and feel more confident. I wish you the best of luck.

    ~ James

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