Provillus Warning

provillusWelcome to my Provillus warning. I say this because there are plenty of flashy sites out there with their Provillus reviews that make ridiculous claims over these hair loss products.

Here I will provide you my honest review and experience with Provillus, without any false promises and hype.

Provillus is a quality natural hair loss product; it is not some silver bullet, however. While it works for most men and women, it may not work for everyone all of the time. Nothing does. Anyone who tells you that anything works 100% of the time is not telling you the truth.

Luckily, Provillus does have a money-back guarantee (up to 90 days) and it is sold by a reputable company, so I have no problem telling everyone about it. I just want to give you realistic expectations, since so many sites are making these crazy claims that are hard to back up.

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My Provillus Review

So why choose a natural hair loss product?

Hair loss is an embarrassing condition for both men and women to have. Before I started educating myself about it, I always associated my hair loss with getting old way before I was meant to. And I am sure you feel the same way! Those bald patches start to stick out like a sore thumb! And you do everything in your power to cover them up – wearing hats, combing your hair over your bald spots (and then hoping it isn’t windy outside!)

My search for a hair loss solution started with a visit to my GP. He explained to me there are number of reasons men and even women lose their hair. The main causes are hereditary and hormonal, but stress, illness or poor hair care can also lead to hair loss.

I already had a healthy diet, and I wasn’t that stressed, so my hair loss was thanks to my grandparents and my hormones. My doctor further explained to me that I had 4 options to deal with my male-pattern balding:

  1. Keep my hair short and live with it – that was not an option for me!
  2. Get a wig – No thanks! In fact a tight wig can actually worsen the loss of hair.
  3. Have hair implant surgery – I was not prepared to cough up $10,000 for a risky treatment that MAY ONLY work.
  4. Use a natural hair loss treatment.

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I decided to try natural hair loss remedies first. This included a daily routine of massaging jojoba oil into my scalp to stimulate hair growth, getting some exercise to improve my circulation, and washing my hair in various herbal concoctions of rosemary, sage, nettle and burdock root.

After a full 6 months of doing this, I realized this herbal remedy routine was not working. My hair had not grown back at all. And all I had to show for it was a cupboard full of essential oils (that are not cheap, when you use them in such high quantities) and my disliking for any herbal smelling thing – especially rosemary which I used to love! Not to mention wasting about an hour of everyday to exercise and apply these various treatments!

To cut a long story short, I finally came to my senses and decided to try a natural hair loss product. After hearing so much about it, Provillus was the product I decided to try first, and I have not looked back since.

It turns out that the reason us guys lose our hair is because of an enzyme in our bodies that converts testosterone into DHT. This DHT (or dihydrotestosterone) has been shown to cause hair follicle damage in men and even cause our prostates to swell up!

To counteract the production of DHT and promote hair regrowth, the Provillus topical solution contains 2 FDA approved ingredients – namely minoxidil and azelaic acid. In fact, I think Provillus is one of the only hair loss products out there that contains BOTH of these ingredients.

If you are someone who prefers natural remedies over manufactured products, then Provillus is still a good choice. The capsules contain over 10 natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that have shown to help stimulate hair growth.

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I have to admit that I was rather fortunate to see results within the 3rd month of using Provillus. While some people only see their hair grow back 6 months down the line. And some people never get their hair back at all. But like I said before, no treatment works 100% of the time – that’s just life.

Luckily, Provillus is a reputable company that offers a money back guarantee (up to 3 months). So if it doesn’t work, you can get a refund.

Whether you use Provillus or another natural hair loss product, you will be glad you did. I will never forget the feeling of noticing my hair get thicker and thicker as the weeks went by. Not to mention all the positive comments I was getting from friends, family and everyone at work.

It really is amazing how a full head of hair makes you look younger and feel more confident. I wish you the best of luck.

~ James

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  1. TinTin

    I have been using Provillus Tablets for about 1 month with out seeing any difference (not expecting to at this stage). But I have been taking 2 tablets together with just water, not at meal times and pretty much anytime during the day, does this matter or is there a best time?

    Then about a week ago i decided to invest in the Topical Solution as i felt the more effort i put in the better the results may prove but when the package arrived it states on the side of the box not to be used on anywhere else other than the Vertex. My horror after spending £50 on it as my hair is fine on the crown but is thinning out at the front and is also receading.

    My thoughts are now that i have bought it should i just use it anyway even though it says not too? but could there be any side effects from this? and what are my chances of hair growth using just the tablets

  2. James Post author

    Hey TinTin,

    What I found with the tablets is that it is best to take them after a meal, with a glass of water. The reasoning behind this is that as your body starts to digest your meal it is better able to absorb the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the pills. The best results I got from the pills was taking one after breakfast and then one after dinner – this spaces out the dosage better as opposed to simply popping 2 pills in one go.

    With the topical solution, the reason you apply it to your vertex is because over the course of the day, the solution will naturally spread throughout your hair. I’m not sure about applying it to your receding hairline, since my hair was mainly thinning on top – but what I would do is perhaps contact Provillus directly and ask them whether it is safe to apply it to the front.

    I found using the pills on their own definitely helped with my hair regrowth , but like you said, it is best to use the topical solution too. And yes, one month is perhaps too soon to expect any real results. Just remember to follow the directions religiously, not skipping a dosage or over-dosing either, and hopefully the results you want will start to show.

  3. TinTin

    Thanks James,
    sounds like you’ve had some good results with this product. I am just into my 2nd Bottle of pills so i’ll try the just after meal scenario and see how i get on this month. Can’t help to contact Provillus and see what they thoughs are on the topical solution, and thanks for all your info,

    Out of curiosity would you say that your personal results with this product are results that you are extremeley pleased with as it is very noticable (if so how long did it take to get to this ‘happy’ stage) or are the results satisfactory that will do?
    thanks again


  4. James Post author

    It’s a pleasure TinTin. Although I only started to notice small results after about the 3rd month, it took me about 8 months to reach the “happy” stage. Unlike you, my hair was mainly thinning on top, so seeing it grow healthy and thick again was a feeling hard to describe.

    I still continue to use Provillus to this day because I really do not want it thinning and falling out again. And once you reach that “happy” stage it is so much easier to maintain your hair’s health. So good luck with your results.

  5. TinTin

    Hey James, thanks for sharing your experiences, i really appreciate it. Just a couple of quick questions, (hope you don’t mind me peckin your head like this//?)

    How long have you been using the whole Provillus product for and do you still use the Topical Solution and pills together, and will you continue to use both variations or just one form. I’m sure i’ve read somewhere that after a while your immune system kicks in to gear and will eventually over ride this hair loss thing making the stuff not likely to work anymore, is there any thruth in this do think? and i was thinking about thickening shampoo’s too, do you happen to know of any that may work or had experience with people who it may have worked for or maybe even yourself.

    Thanks again mate!!

  6. James Post author

    Hey TinTin. I’m sure I can answer a few more questions :). I have used both the Provillus Pills and Topical Solution since 2007, and still use them exactly the same as when I first started.

    I never heard about your immune system rejecting the treatment, and it has never happened to me. Besides, the hair loss treatment contains all natural ingredients that aid in hair regrowth, so why would your immune system start to fight it?

    Since I started using Provillus I use no other hair loss treatments or shampoos, since I’m am happy enough with how my hair looks and feels. I would be careful of using a hair loss shampoo since it may contain similar or even counteractive ingredients to the Provillus treatment, which could lead to an overdose or perhaps a bad reaction between the ingredients.

    I think it is best to stick to one treatment at a time. So use Provillus for the full 6 months. Observe your results. And then decide whether to stick to the treatment or try something else. That’s just my opinion.

  7. TinTin

    Hey James, thanks for all the time you spent responding to my questions and stuff i found your comments a real help thankyou. Now just 1 final question?again if ok!!!

    Since your hair started to grow back, do you still find that you are still losing hairs off your head or has that process pretty much stopped by now. The reason i ask is that i’m into my 2month of ‘treatment’ if you like and my hair still seems to be coming out at the same rate it was when i started taking it, on my pillow in the morning, then in when shampoo.

    So if it does tend to stop what sort of timescale do you think i should notice the less hair on the pillow each morning? Or do we always lose hair but this stuff is aimed at regrowth so you lose some you grow some etc.?

  8. James Post author

    It’s a pleasure TinTin.

    When my hair started falling out, it was at a rather slow, but steady pace – nothing like the kind of hair loss you seem to be experiencing. With that said, it was around my 3rd month that my hair stopped falling out – naturally some hair still falls out – but that is within the norm. For me Provillus helps slow down the rate in which I lose my hair, but also promotes regrowth.

    If I were you, I would stick with the treatment as normal, and if your hair continuously falls out at the same rate, perhaps it is worth speaking to your dermatologist about the possible causes of your hair loss. It could be something to do with your diet, stress, and general way of life, or something else. So it is always best to make sure.

    Hope that helps.

  9. D

    Great, one long advertisement for Provillus disguised as a personal blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if the comments were faked also.

  10. James Post author

    Not at all D! I started this site because I was not happy with how people were misleading the general public about hair loss products. After personally using Provillus, I decided to tell everyone my story and experience with the product.

    All comments are 100% genuine – Just because TinTin does not want to use his real name (for privacy reasons) his comments are his own, and my replies to his questions are real and based on my experience with using Provillus.

  11. Rajesh

    hey James

    First of all thnx for sharing your reviews about provillus.

    Im rajesh from india. I’m also suffering from the same hair fall problem. It just started from last year. over 30% of hair are gone. I’ve been investigating about provillus on google for 6 months. Does it really works? Does it have any side effects? I’ve heard that it really effect on the sexual intercourse..sort of things.

    Let me know james so that i can start using it…


  12. James Post author

    Hi Rajesh,

    Thanks for visiting my site and for your kind words.

    As I said in my review, for me Provillus really does work, and that is why I still use it today. If your hair started falling out over a year ago, what treatments (if any) have you tried? And what is stopping you from trying a product like Provillus.

    Look, since Provillus is a natural product, it is not very common to experience side-effects. The only time I heard about someone having bad side-effects was when they over-dosed on the treatment. But this was from not following instructions, and thinking that the more they took at once, the quicker their results would be. What happened to them was that they got a dry and flaky scalp from the topical solution. But if they had followed directions, this would not have happened.

    Otherwise, I have not had any noticeable side-effects, and I have been using Provillus since 2007.

    Just remember that just because a treatment does or doesn’t work for one person, it does not mean that you will have the same results. Everyone’s situation is different, so my opinion is to try Provillus for yourself and if it doesn’t work then get your refund and have the peace of mind that you tried the treatment for yourself, and that you don’t have to fall for all the hype out there. And if it does work, well then you can start enjoying the benefits of getting your hair back.

    Hope that helps,


  13. Rajesh

    Hey James,

    Thanks for the quick response !
    Don’t know i’m still in a dielamma whether i should go for it or not. Little bit worried about the things..sideeffects n all

    let c howzz it goes


  14. Rich

    James, I have to ask a few questions.

    1) How bad was your hair loss before you started on this medication?
    2) Did hair you had lost really GROW back, or did your remaining hair simply get thicker? (i.e. if one is significantly bald, is this worth a shot?)
    3) Are you back to a full head of hair, and if so, do you still use the dropper on top of the head?

    A response would be much appreciated Great post, thanks.

  15. James Post author

    Hi Rich. Thanks for your questions. Okay, let’s see.

    1) My hair loss started at the top of my head (near my crown). Initially it was a little thinner than the rest of my hair, but very quickly it starting getting completely bald. And that’s when I started to panic and look for ways to both slow down the balding and perhaps even reverse it. If you read my story above you’ll see that I tried numerous natural alternatives before simply resorting to a pill and topical solution.

    2) The first thing that I noticed was that my balding slowed down – this happened between months 1 and 2. Then as time went by small thin hairs started to grow over the bald patch, and the general state of my hair became healthier and thicker. As I continued the treatment those small thin hairs (similar to a baby’s hair) became noticeably thicker, and my bald patch slowly grew smaller and smaller until it was not that noticeable anymore.

    3) As I write this today I am back to a full head of healthy hair. I’d say it took over 6 months to get my head of hair back to its original healthy, thick state. Since I am afraid of ever having to face balding again, I continue to use both the pills and topical solution (the dropper) to this day. I have heard of some people going off the treatment once they reached results they were happy with, but I am not willing to take that risk…

    Hope that answers all your questions, Rich.

    Best of luck,


  16. TinTin

    Hey James,
    Interesting to see some posts and in a quick response to D, i’m genuine and thanks James for his support really.

    I’m starting my 4th month so 4th bottle of pills and i took your advice and called provillus, (quite difficult them being in the US me in here UK and catching them in a 2hour window i had) anyway they said if my hair was not thinning on the crown but receading at the front and top and not to bother with the topical solution and to just stick with the pills.

    I used the 1 bottle i had and to my amazement my hair has stopped falling out. I wake up in the morning and no hair on my pillow and nothing when shampoo, it seems thicker aswell. I may keep going without the topical just to see how things pan out.

    I’ve not really noticed any regrowth but if i’m honest i wouldn’t care if i never got another growth as long as i could keep what i got… Good Times

  17. James Post author


    I am so glad that Provillus is finally working for you. And thanks for updating me with your progress. I agree that some hair is better than no hair at all, so I am glad that you decided to stick with it.

    All the best,


  18. Vijay

    Hi James,

    I am trying to start using provillus. Since i m in India i need to order online. I just need one question to be answered by you.
    Does Provillus reduce sexual hormones in men and effect sexual intercourse?
    If it doesn;t i m ready to go with Provillus.


  19. James Post author

    Hi Vijay,

    Since Provillus is 100% natural, it should not reduce your testosterone (the male sex hormone) levels. I have been using the product since 2007, and my sex life has not been affected at all. In fact, I feel more confident in bed now – and my wife loves the fact that she can run her hands through my hair again, without me getting embarrassed.

    Good luck with your progress, and I hope Provillus helps you as much as it has helped me.

  20. Billy

    Hey! reading the reviews here, and I know everyone seems very very happy with results, and all that, but the more I read the more I become afraid of the “too good to be true” sorta story!

    I’ve got a problem, thinning hair on the top/front, my bangs long since gone there haha, and a small tiny bit of the back too. That being said, I see it LOOKS affordable, and lord knows i’m vain enough! but still I don’t know!

    I hope you can appreciate the, dare I say it, skepticism, but I would REALLY want this to be true. would it work? would it stop working after I took it? all these questions start hitting me!

  21. James Post author

    Hey Billy,

    I understand your concerns. Really, I do. That is the whole point about why I made this site – to let everyone know that Provillus is not some magic pill that will cure EVERY single person’s balding – and anyone who tells you it does is blatantly lying or just trying to make a quick buck off you!

    HOWEVER…for many of us it HAS worked, and that is why we use it.

    If you plan to use Provillus, then do not expect overnight results. If you read my story and the comments of others, you’ll see that it will take a couple of months, sometimes longer for your hair to stop thinning and grow back. Skeptical? I used to be the biggest skeptic out there. And that it why it took me over 6 months to pluck up the courage and get my first supply of Provillus.

    So will it work for you? I really do not know. I think that is why they have a 90 day refund policy – because every person’s situation differs, and not everyone is willing to wait up to 6 months to regrow their hair.

    Will it stop working after you take it? That is something that I’m afraid might happen to me, which is why I still use it to this day. For me, my confidence and happiness are more important to me than the $30 or so it cost me per month. I guess I’m a bit vain myself. So as long as my hair stays thick and healthy, I’ll keep using Provillus.

    Billy, I’m not here to convince you. That is something you’ll have to do yourself.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

    ~ James

  22. TinTin

    Hi James,
    i’m back with an update, and advice really to be honest. Everything seemed to be going fine and then about 2 maybe 3weeks ago my hair began to fall out again which has become a bit annoying really as i thought i’d reached the ‘time’ after about 4 months as it seemed to have stopped.
    Now i’ve only been using the capsuals and not the topical solution and these last 3 weeks i have maintained taking the pills correctly even though experiencing hair loss, any ideas why this may happen after 4 or so months into the program. I’m thinking to start with the topical solution even though it states on the packaging only to be used on the vortex .
    any suggestions

  23. James Post author

    Hey TinTin,

    Thanks for keeping me updated on your progress.
    I’m sorry to hear that your hair has started falling out again – VERY strange!

    When I first learned of my hair loss problem I remember my doctor telling me that there are a number of reasons we could lose our hair, so my only guess is that something has changed in your life to trigger the start of your hair loss again.

    This could be anything, such as more stress (from work or even at home), changing something in your diet (like eating too much red meat or not getting a big enough variety of fruits and vegetables), or even from taking other medication/supplements/vitamins that are canceling out the effects of the Provillus pills.

    Or perhaps the topical solution was, in fact, working, and now that you have stop taking it for a while, the positive effects it was having on your hair have now completely worn off.

    So I have a few suggestions for you:

    1 – Have a close look at your life and see if anything has changed lately, taking into account the factors that affect hair loss. (stress, illness, diet, medication/supplements, etc…) And make changes where needed…

    2 – Find out the history of your grandparents’ hair loss issues (if any), like if one of your grandfathers experienced hair loss, when did it start, etc? It could be that your hair loss is simply genetic, and all that the Provillus pills are doing is slowing down the process (but not stopping it entirely).

    3 – Speak to the support staff at Provillus again and let them know your situation, and ask them about taking the topical solution.

    TinTin, once again I am really sorry to hear about your hair loss. It can be so frustrating! Especially when you said Provillus was working so well for you!

    I’m sorry that I do not have that “silver bullet” solution that I’m sure you desperately want, but I hope this advice finds you well.

    Best of luck and please let me know how it turns out for you.


  24. TinTin

    Hi James

    Thanks for the reply, some good points there in there. To be honest i can’t see any real changes in my way of life, well nothing that i jumps out at me and say ahh there you go, that sort of thing.

    So I’ve just today received the topical solution, which i’m going to run with alongside the capsules and probably give this another 3 or so months. I worked it out i have been taking Provillus capsules on their own for approx 5 1/2 months, and the solution i did use for 1 month, about 2 or 3 months ago. So i’m going to try both together and give it 3months from here, i mean that will be a good 8 or 9 months of pills and 3 solid on the topical and if i’m still experiencing hair loss then provillus isn’t for me.

    I’ll try an add a bit more fruit and veg to my diet, bit more exercise etc and see what happens. With regards to my grandparents on my mother side he died about 20yrs ago with a full head of hair, on my dad side they live away and i not seen in a very long time, he was thin on top if i recall but again i was only young and wouldn’t have been paying much attention to his hair i don’t think. lol…

    James i apperciate you continued help and support, all the best

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